iPhone: Future of Mobile Phones?

How one can say that iPhone is the future of mobile phones or how one can assume that iPhone is the only chance to enjoy some futuristic things in present time?

It’s not like iPhone or the apple is going to be the future but it is really clear that iPhone is having and making such advancements in the mobile industry that was nearly impossible at that time but iPhone took the first step, took the initiative and dared to challenge the situation. Steve Jobs is the mind behind this successful series of mobile phones. His mission was to create something so mesmerizing that people only see the label of the phone and think that it is what we called perfection. He was the one who first thought of such handset that can have all and still work like there is nothing at all and never shows a problem of slower processor.

These things were nearly impossible at the time of the launch of the first iPhone in 2007 but he was the man who accepted the challenge and showed the world that nothing is impossible until you think that it is.

IT was the first time when a mobile phone had the best of touch sensors and so responsive operating system that instantly shows the result and answers the query asked. The behind such responsive processor was to initiate a new way to the limitless speed and a distortion-free communication system. Apple proved its worth by launching iPhone.

You can clearly see that with the gradual increase in time they iPhone come up with something new every time and showed the world that Steve wasn’t wrong about this handset.

Another thing that you can see that they really worked hard on their camera as well! When we see iPhone 1 the camera was pretty ordinary but gradually they added such features in the camera of iPhone that time came that iPhone was recognized because of its high-quality camera. Now when there is a number of iPhones present they have installed such stuff in it that is making the camera more attractive even for professional photographers. Dual optical image optimizer in the latest phone of this series really adds into the attraction of the phone. Lenz adjustments and many other things really raised the bar for the smartphone users.

You can’t say that other brands are not doing anything or there are no advance things in their handsets but it is also true that iPhone knows the art to present their features in such a way that a user can’t see anywhere else. Apple knows the art to advertise it and to make it sparkly and shiny.

iPhone made the whole new scenario for the mobile phone users and told them that when it comes to ease, comfort and above all luxury handset then nothing can compete for the level of iPhone as it is the most luxurious phone out there and it really worth it.