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The Quit Stressing’ Meowt Case by Sonix for iPhone 8 Review

The iPhone 8 is truly a precious thing to behold, though to avoid repair costs you need to make sure you purchase the right case and screen protector to maintain the sleek condition of your phone.
It can be hard to choose one from so many. It comes down to preference, whether you prefer the slim and lightweight feel or the forted bulky cases.

A case doesn’t need to be layers thick to be able to fully protect your phone. If you are an individual looking for slim and lightweight cases with premium protection but with a twist, then keep reading this review.

iPhone Case Details

Don’t doubt the slim and light-weighted design of the case. This plastic is cleverly designed to prevent scratches or chipping, as they are triple UV shielded. The buttons on the side are easy to press and don’t exert too much pressure on the original buttons. They are also not too hard which refrains you from exerting unnecessary pressure. The UV protection also prevents the artistic details from fading.

Military Drop Tested

This case has undergone Military Drop Tests and survived. So, stop stressing over its wellbeing! This case has been thrown thirty times on all sides from a height of 6.6 feet towards a hard surface. The results have been shockingly pleasant, as the phone lasted all these drops with ease.

Shock Absorption

The sides of the phone are protected through 360 degrees form factor. The case is soft enough to not cause chipping on the sides when you take the case off. The raised bezel proves to play a shock absorbing role. When the phone is placed face down or face up, the screen or camera lens does not come in direct contact with the surface. Hence, no surface friction comes close to the screen leaving it scratch free.

The cutouts present for the speakers, headphone jack, lightning port, and camera are all sized to match the phones’ and align with them perfectly.
This case provides the ultimate protection with a sleek and stylish design. It doesn’t get any better than this!

The Allure

The elegant design of iPhone is revolutionary. Who knew you can make a half-eaten apple look so chic. It is a sin to hide away such beauty, but when many people own the same model as you, this case can make you stand out.

Gold Design

Though the case is clear and transparent, it has a cute black and gold cat sketch embossed on the back. The gold sheen stands out when light reflects off the case. The cat has its mouth open, smiling cheerfully and showing off it whiskers. Above the cat, there is a saying embossed, again in gold. It says, ‘Quit Stressin’ ‘. Below the cat, ‘Meowt’ is written in gold. The black and gold design pops out against the plain back of the iPhone.
Now that’s a way to make a statement!


The Quit Stressin’ Meowt Case by Sonix is of $18.00 at Amazon.