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Woodcessories EcoCase for iPhone XR Review

When you have bought a pretty phone, something as sleek as the iPhone XR, then your second priority becomes its protection. The tiny heart attack you encounter at every possible, looming, clumsy fall gets your heart racing and reminds you to purchase a cover for the phone. But, with an expensive investment comes the desire to buy a great cover that will suit the amazing design of the iPhone XR.

Woodcessories EcoCase is just what you need to fulfill your desire for a fashionably elegant addition to your phone cover such that it does not tone down the beauty of the iPhone XR. Furthermore, it also levels up with the amount of cost value that you also invested while purchasing the iPhone.

Genuine Wood

The smooth tone of the premium quality wood is just the kind of value-added that you need to level up your game of iPhone covers. The mere leather finish provides a smooth finish to the whole sleek profile of the phone cover. It is a two-toned design that features a special mix, suitable for people looking for an adventurous venture with phone covers.

Glassy Look

The super adorable look of this Woodcessories EcoCase cover is increased due to the slim, glassy exterior of the iPhone XR. The case is beautifully carved to provide an amazing result in the form of easy and accessible use of buttons. Furthermore, the sleek cutouts for ports and camera just add to the favorable user experience that is prioritized in the eyes of all buyers. From wireless charging feature to accessible features from the over, it serves as a great option for your iPhone XR.

Leather and Wood Protection

The enhanced protective features accompanied by the cover just comes in comparison due to that bronze, beautiful finish of leather and wood. The feature enables the protection of screen and permits the phone to be shielded from dust and potential scratches that may present themselves due to a lazy encounter. The lightweight cover, while offering soft touch technology and slim design, offers maximum protection.

Premium Quality

The genuine design of the cover is comprised of high-quality wood and the claim is that for every purchase, the company invests in planting a new tree. The high-quality cover adds to the durability, reliability, and comfort for the user who will be able to personalize his experience with this amazing cover. Moreover, the utilization of the general features of the iPhone XR will be enhanced with this sleek and beautifully carved wooden cover, making it a treat for the users.


The cover falls as an expensive choice at $39.99 as its market price. But, with the amazing quality, positive feedbacks and numerous productive ratings on the internet, the people have opted for the choice of this over to go with their iPhone XR. Get yours now according to your preferred choice of color ranging from the lavish cherry/green, maple/navy blue, and to the walnut/black beauties. Find your choice of the best cover on Amazon and personalize your style with the cherry/green, maple/navy blue, and the walnut/black.